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Field Data Collection With PACP

A new level of standards compliant data collection

Cobra has designed a state of the art data logger to specifically manage the requirements of the PACP (Pipeline Assessment Certification Program) standard. The CobraTouch™ CDL 9000 series is designed primarily to collect PACP data. Because the coding system published by NASSCO is extremely complex, it normally cannot be used without continual reference to the published manual. There are nearly 200 observation codes all of which have detailed requirements to conform to the PACP specifications.

Utilizing a TFT LCD Flat Panel Touch Screen, Cobra developed a program that guides the User through the required and optional entries for each Observation without the use of the PACP manual. The data logger software has built-in verification to help the User enter the data for each observation correctly. The verification software prevents incomplete data from being stored in the data logger. The Software is designed to prompt the Operator to enter the data in accordance with PACP specifications eliminating the time consuming and costly QA/QC editing typically required of other conventional data collection systems.

A hardware video compression codec is incorporated into the Data Logger. This allows the User to collect MPEG Video in MPEG 1 and other MPEG formats. Built into the Video compressor is a Record Pause allowing the User to simply pause at any point during an inspection and restart without closing the video file. This pause function, retaining an open file, is not possible if software compression is used.

The Cobra compressor has a preview screen of MPEG video allowing users to check what is being placed on the video file at that time. Cobra is the only vendor having a pause with the preview screen. We believe the User should have the ability to observe what is being transferred to the MPEG file to ensure the quality of the file is satisfactory.

Features Incorporated into the CobraTouch™ Include:

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